Programme Details for 2018 - 19 Session

Our programme is planned well in advance although may be subject to alteration on the day.  See the end of this list for details of the various editions we will be using.  Music is available to borrow, although members are encouraged to purchase their own copies.  

See our Music Links page for details of music in our repertoire - scores, recordings, history and other information. TO BE UPDATED.


Saturday 22 September, 6.30pm

VICTORIA         Missa Quarti toni (excerpts)                           Edition JOED

PALESTRINA   Benedicta sit Sancta Trinitas                        CPDL (ed.Mix)

DERING             Factum est silentium                                                 OBTA 57

GIBBONS           Almighty and everlasting God                                 OBTA 15

BENNET            Come, shepherds, follow me                                          Sheet

IRELAND          The Hills                                                                            Sheet

Saturday 29 September, 2.00 – 5.00pm


presented by Jonathan Rennert in St Michael’s Cornhill.

Join us to sing the music of two leading English composers:

Thomas Weelkes (1575-1623) and Thomas Tomkins (1572-1656).

Weelkes, “a drunkard” who did “curse and swear most dreadfully” and composed music of elegance and beauty.  Tomkins, “an honest, quiet peaceable man”, who produced music of great passion.

Open to members and non-members of the Club.

Saturday 20 October, 6.30pm

VICTORIA            Missa Quarti toni (excerpts)                        Edition JOED

MONTEVERDI    Cantate Domino                                                            Sheet

LASSUS                 Tibi laus, tibi Gloria                                  CPDL (ed. Gibb)

BENNET                All creatures now                                                     OBEM 1

TOMKINS             Oyez, has any found a lad?                                OBEM 216

WILBYE                Lady, when I behold                                            OBEM 142

Saturday 24 November, 6.30pm

VICTORIA             Missa Quarti toni (excerpts)                       Edition JOED

VICTORIA             Ave Maria                                                             ChSpan 29

VICTORIA             O vos omnes                                                         ChSpan 36

DERING                 Love shooting                                                        InvMad 2

FARNABY              Blind love                                                             InvMad 48

TOMKINS              O, let me live                                                        InvMad 43

PHILLIPS               Wherefore sit I complaining?                          InvMad 29

Saturday 15 December, 6.30pm

VICTORIA              Missa Quarti toni                                          Edition JOED

PALESTRINA        Dies sanctificatus                                 CPDL (ed.Marble)

GUERRERO           Canite tuba                                                            ChSpan 5

ORTIZ                      Janitor caeli                                                        ChSpan 23

PEERSON               Upon my lap my soveraigne sits                              Sheet

SWEELINCK          Hodie Christus natus est                                           Sheet

A selection of carols from Carols for Choirs, volume 1 (the green book).

Saturday 5 January 2019

THE NEW YEAR PARTY will feature sacred music before lunch, sung in the gorgeous acoustic of St Michael’s Cornhill;  lunch next door in The Crosse Keyes;  followed by madrigals sung in the oak-panelled St Michael’s Vestry.  It is likely that there will be a quiz and a raffle.  Please apply in advance.  The music will be selected entirely from the OBTA and the OBEM.

Saturday 26 January, 6.30pm

PALESTRINA          Tribus miraculis                                 CPDL (ed Fowler)

WILLAERT               O magnum mysterium                                   ChFlem 38

LASSUS                     Jubilate Deo                                                     ChFlem 28

JOSQUIN                  Tu solus qui facis mirabilia                           ChFlem 21

ISAAC                        Jerusalem surge                                                ChFlem 11

MORLEY                   Fyer, fyer!                                                           OBEM 112

BYRD                         Lullaby, my sweet little baby                         OBEM 158

TOMKINS                 See, see the shepherd’s queen                      OBEM 248

Saturday 16 February, 6.30pm

CROCE                      O sacrum convivium                                             ChItal 6

MARENZIO              Tribus miraculis                                                  ChItal 16

PALESTRINA          Super flumina                                                       ChItal 31

SORIANO                 Regina caeli                                                          ChItal 35

VIADANA                 Exsultate justi                                                      ChItal 37

CAMPIAN                 Never weather-beaten sail                                       Sheet

PILKINGTON          Rest, sweet nymph                                                    Sheet

GREAVES                 Come away, sweet love                                     OBEM 42

WILBYE                    Adieu, sweet Amaryllis                                       OBEM 8

Saturday 16 March, 6.30pm

BYRD                         Quis est homo                                          CPDL ed Fraser

BYRD                         Ave verum corpus                                   CPDL ed Fraser

BYRD                         Agnus Dei, from Mass à 4                     CPDL ed Fraser

TALLIS                      Sancte Deus                                                         ChEng 27

TALLIS                      Euge caeli                                                            ChEng 25

BYRD                         Though Amaryllis dance in green                OBEM 324

GIBBONS                  What is our life?                                              OBEM 382

GIBBONS                  Ah! Dear heart                                                   OBEM 20

WILBYE                     I am quite tired                                                         Sheet

Saturday 27 April, 6.30pm

MORLEY                    April is in my mistress’ face                           OBEM 24

MORLEY                    Clorinda false                                                        Booklet

MORLEY                    Since my tears and lamenting                           Booklet

MORLEY                    O no, thou dost but flout me                              Booklet

MORLEY                    Say, gentle nymphs                                              Booklet

AICHINGER              Regina caeli                                                       ChGerm 7

HANDL                       Ecce quomodo                                                ChGerm 12

HASSLER                   Cantate Domino                                            ChGerm 18

WALTHER                 Verbum caro                                                  ChGerm 39

Saturday 18 May, 6.30pm

MORLEY                     Now is the month of maying                       OBEM 190

BYRD                           This sweet and merry month of May         OBEM 313

KIRBYE                       See what a maze of error                              OBEM 258

FARMER                     A little pretty bonny lass                                        Sheet

EAST                            In the merry month of May                               Booklet

BYRD                           O quam gloriosum                                          OBTA 256

PHILLIPS                    Ascendit Deus                                                   OBTA 22

MORLEY                     My bonny lass she smileth                          OBEM 186

Saturday 15 June, 6.30pm

WARD                          Flora, fair nymph                                                Booklet

WARD                          Free from love’s bonds                                       Booklet

WARD                          How long?                                                             Booklet

WARD                          Love is a dainty                                                    Booklet

VAUTOR                      Sweet Suffolk owl                                         OBEM 303

FARMER                     Fair Phyllis                                                      OBEM 106

BYRD                            Sing joyfully                                                    OBTA 287

TALLIS                         O nata lux                                                        OBTA 248

BATTEN                       O praise the Lord                                           OBTA 251

Saturday 13 July, 6.30pm

EAST                             Mopsie, leave off to love                                    Booklet

EAST                             Now Cloris laughs                                               Booklet

EAST                             Forsaken Thyrsis                                                Booklet

EAST                             O metaphysical tobacco                                    Booklet

WILBYE                       This saith my Cloris bright                            InvMad 4

WARD                           A satyr once                                                     InvMad 9

DOWLAND                  What poor astronomers                              InvMad 12

BENNET                       Round about in a fair ring                          InvMad 18

GIBBONS                     The silver swan                                             OBEM 310

Abbreviations refer to the editions to be used.

OBTA                      Oxford Book of Tudor Anthems (OUP)

OBEM                     Oxford Book of English Madrigals (OUP)

InvMad                   Invitation to Madrigals, volume 5 (Stainer & Bell)

Sheet                       Single copy

Booklet                   The Club’s collection of madrigals by a single composer

ChItal/ChSpan/ChEng/ChFlem/ChGerm     Chester Motets for 4 voices (volumes of Italian, Spanish, English, Flemish & German motets) (Chester)

CPDL                       An edition downloaded from the Choral Public Domain Library