You can find part notes, recordings and videos of much of this year’s programme of music on

  1. The Choral Public Domain Library at

  1. 'Brian's Music Page' at

  2. YouTube at    

Please remember to check that your virus protection is up-to-date and note that some material on the web may not be to your taste! Also, you may need to experiment to find the best way of playing midi files or videos - best source of information is Google or any twelve-year-old.

The repertoire we are singing this year is displayed below in alphabetical order of composer and work.  Where a link can be found, it has been added to the entry and that piece of music is in large print.  If you click on the item, you should be taken to the entry on the internet. Where there are two entries for a work, the first is generally to a music resource, such as CPDL, and the second will be a performance, often from You Tube. No guarantee is given about the quality of the recording, or the version - it may, for example, be six-part where we normally sing the music in SATB only. Do note that on the day, the music we sing is at the discretion of our Musical Director, who has to take into account the balance of voices, the difficulty of the work and how well we are singing!

If you want to explore web-based information about a piece of music, click on the entry and you will be taken to it on an outside web page.  You should find information about it.  Do let us know by email if the link does not work - these things have a habit of disappearing, sometimes for copyright reasons.  In a very few cases, where no link can be found, that has been indicated by an asterix and the entry is in small print.

Do have fun! Any feedback would be appreciated.

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AICHINGER    Regina caeli

ANIMUCCIA*              Missa Ave maris stella

BATESON       Down the hills Corinna trips

BATTEN          O praise the Lord

BENNET          All creatures now

BENNET          Come, shepherds, follow me

BENNET          Round about in a fair ring

BYRD              Agnus Dei, from Mass à 4

BYRD              Ave verum corpus

BYRD              Lullaby, my sweet little baby

BYRD              O quam gloriosum

BYRD             Quis est homo

BYRD             Sing joyfully

BYRD             This sweet and merry month of May

BYRD             Though Amaryllis dance in green

BYRD             Venite comedite

CAMPIAN      Never weather-beaten sail

CROCE          O sacrum convivium

DERING        Love shooting

DOWLAND  Come again, sweet love

DOWLAND  Say, love, if ever thou didst find

DOWLAND  What poor astronomers

EAST             Forsaken Thyrsis

EAST             In the merry month of May

EAST             Mopsie, leave off to love

EAST             Now Cloris laughs

EAST             O metaphysical tobacco

FARMER      A little pretty bonny lass

FARNABY    Blind love

GIBBONS     Ah! Dear heart

GIBBONS    Almighty and everlasting God

GIBBONS     The silver swan

GUERRERO Canite tuba

HASSLER     Cantate Domino

HASSLER     Tu es Petrus

ISAAC           Gustate et videte

JOSQUIN      Ave Maria

KIRBYE        See what a maze of error

LASSUS        Jubilate Deo

MONTEVERDI  Cantate Domino

MORLEY      April is in my mistress’ face

MORLEY      Clorinda false

MORLEY      Fyer, fyer!

MORLEY      My bonny lass she smileth

MORLEY      Now is the month of maying

MORLEY      O no, thou dost but flout me

MORLEY      Say, gentle nymphs

MORLEY      Since my tears and lamenting

PALESTRINA  Ego sum panis vivus

PALESTRINA  Super flumina

PALESTRINA  Tribus miraculis

PEARSALL   Lay a garland

PEERSON     Upon my lap my soveraigne sits

PHILLIPS      Ascendit Deus

PILKINGTON  Rest, sweet nymph

RIVAFRECHA   Anima mea

SENFL           Deus in adjutorium

SWEELINCK  Hodie Christus natus est

TALLIS         Euge caeli

TALLIS         If ye love me

TALLIS         O nata lux

TALLIS         Salvator mundi

TALLIS         Sancte Deus

TOMKINS    O, let me live

TOMKINS    Oyez, has any found a lad?

TOMKINS    See, see the shepherd’s queen

TOMKINS    The fauns and satyrs tripping

VIADANA    Exsultate justi

VICTORIA   Ave Maria

WARD         A satyr once

WARD         Flora, fair nymph

WARD         Free from love’s bonds

WARD         How long?

WARD         Love is a dainty

WEELKES   Four arms, two necks

WEELKES   On the plains, fairy trains

WEELKES   Thus sings my dearest jewel

WILBYE      I am quite tired

WILBYE      Lady, when I behold

WILBYE      This saith my Cloris bright

WILLAERT  O magnum mysterium